The Kindred Conversation Designs

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The Kindred Conversation is a project that has been passionately built by two incredibly talented women, Karen Kindred, a licensed clinical social worker, and the other, Natalie House, a highly experienced marketer. Both women are absolute professionals at what they do and devoted to spreading Karen’s “adages” and positive messages that have helped so many already.

THe New ADages Book

At a previous job, I worked under the marketing powerhouse, Natalie, and was lucky enough to be asked by her to design the book that she and her therapist friend, Karen were working on together. With branding help from a fellow, very talented, UX designer who designed the Kindred Conversation website, we came up with the mellow palette and look and feel that brought the book to life.

Hand-lettered adages

The next project Natalie brought to me for The Kindred Conversation was really a dream project. She asked if I could hand-letter all of the “adages” that were mentioned in the book. She gave me total freedom and flexibility, and I had an absolute blast designing and illustrating all of these pieces!

Social Media Templates

The last piece of the project was designing flexible templates for Instagram. They wanted to be able to easily drop in quotes or adages and have enough variety to share online.

This entire project has been really fun to see come together, and I absolutely love all the messaging. I’ve actually been able to take some of these adages and apply them to my own life, and found them very encouraging.