Thanks for checking out my portfolio.

My name is Bre and I’m a Senior Product Designer by trade, but for all other hours of the day I am a mom to a sweet baby boy and two Great Danes, an illustrator, baker, and lover of the outdoors. I’ve spent my entire life in the mountain west and currently call Steamboat Springs, CO my home.

I started working in the design industry after getting my degree in Graphic Design in 2012. I worked my way through various internships and graphic and UX design positions and reaching the Senior Product Designer title in 2021. I’ve worked in-house, at agencies, and as a freelance designer and illustrator throughout my career. I like to think that my experience is pretty diverse considering I even had a brief period of doing freelance calligraphy in the wedding industry!

Although my main focus coming out of college was classic graphic design, I’ve always been drawn to web design and front end development. I enrolled in an 8 week, intensive, front end development class called Code Wyoming in 2014 and honed in my skills in HTML and CSS with an introduction to JavaScript. A couple years after this, I was fortunate to get a user experience internship at Pluralsight, where I was able to dive into learning the art of user experience design.

This jump-started my transition into becoming a UX and product designer. I found with my frontend development skills, I could more easily design for web, knowing the tactics and processes developers used to build the mock ups we create as designers.

I’ve fallen in love with the combination of logic and creativity that comes with being a UX and product designer and I’m grateful for the progression and opportunities that have led me here!

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