GetThru Design System & Brand Guidelines

About the brand

When I started at GetThru as a contract product designer, they had a logo, but there wasn’t much for supporting brand assets, especially on the product side. So as we were building new designs for the product, I also worked on consolidating my design elements into a system.

It was important to build out this system in customizable components in Figma so no matter what designer works on mock ups for the brand, they have access to consistent elements.

Building the system

Putting together this system was an interesting process because I was building the design system as we were designing the product. It required a lot of back and forth between the system and designs to land on elements that looked nice, but also functioned in all the places we needed them.

Responsive Ready

While building this system, I also had to think about how each element, the navigation and spacing looks and feels on mobile. The app previously had not had much thought put into mobile designs, so when it came to the smaller screen sizes a lot of the designs were brand new.

Consistency is key

Because a product is constantly changing and being updated to better match the users' needs, the GetThru design system is flexible and constantly changing. It will never be truly "complete", but will serve as a constant guide and reference to make the product feel consistent.