Blue Hyde BRanding & Illustration

Where it all began

I’m very lucky to come from a family of highly creative people. When you spend enough time around a group of creatives like them, you’re bound to come up with some crazy ideas that are worth following through on.

Blue Hyde is that project for us. Funny enough, the whole project started with the whole family carving wooden spoons with tools our dad had laying around. It quickly moved into the phase of “how can we make these useful?” And our youngest sister, Jori started engraving the spoons on a laser at our local makers space and giving them as gifts.

All about that laser

She quickly realized she could engrave more things, specifically leather, a material near and dear to her heart as a cowgirl. Her first leather project was another gift which was an engraved leather patch sewn onto a hat. From there the idea took off and she started making more and more hats.

the brand was born

I created a logo with the ideas and art direction from my sisters and started working on designs that could be engraved into leather and put on hats. I already spend so much time drawing, so it was really fun and motivating to see ideas go from sketches to a finished hat that someone could buy.

Jori created a website, and my other sister, Dani, started sharing on social media and the official Blue Hyde brand was born.